In Loving Memory Of:

My mother, Paula DeAngelis and all of those that have left a permanent impression on me. 

Uncle Peter Anastopoulos

Nana Angie DeAngelis

Papa Geno DeAngelis

Papoo George Johnston

Aunt Theresa Egizio

Uncle Gene Egizio

Uncle Gus Egizio

Nicolette Bellos


Pat Bull

George Weikum

Eric Weikum

Allen Futrell

Sherman Throop


Eileen Dechecko

Chris Goeke

Elmo Petro

MaryFran Petro

Jeremy Meyer

John Kraizak

Bill Ellinger

Andy Jacobs

Leo Harrison III

Dexter DeAngelis

Winnie DeAngelis

Beau DeAngelis

Pepper DeAngelis

Bami Marquardt

and for any that I may have forgotten. 

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