The Rogue Van & What It Means To Me

It's taken 3 years and hundreds of man hours to get the RogueVan to where it is today. Actually you can go back further than that if you want because I've tried my hands at restoring several mid-west rust buckets before I got here. Namely a 69 Ford Bronco that I loved dearly but was essentially fused together from 30 years of road salt!

Anyway let's get back on target, after multiple setbacks and trying maintain a career all while building my personal dreams I'm very happy with where I find myself today. I still have plenty of things I would like to do with RogueVan which I originally dubbed Spaceball 1, but all that will come with time.

I'm thankful that after having to place her in storage for a year, I came back to find she ran perfectly. I'm thankful that much to my surprise I drive around and get chatted up by random people or notice people taking pictures! The ability of car culture & outdoor culture to connect people socially is unsurpassed in my opinion. 

My goal with the RogueVan was to hammer stoutly and pray devoutly. In other words, keep working at it and one day you'll look up and realize "hey I'm there!". This is my goal with RogueLife, I know it can't be everything I envision or have yet to think of overnight. Rather it is a work in progress that will grow over time.

My other goal with RogueVan as well as with RogueLife was & is to show that it can be done from any starting point on any budget. I did not have access to or use of a garage for the entire restoration of this vehicle. I did the entire thing in parking lots! This includes gutting the interior and painting the exterior. Needless to say I received a lot of curious looks, questions, & had naysayers throughout the process. The engine work and a few other repairs are the only thing I sought assistance on from local shops.

I place an immense value on the experiences I come away with from every journey I embark on. This is what I get out of life and enjoy sharing with others. So when or if you find yourself deciding whether something you want to do is worth it or not, just ask yourself if living someone else's idea of what you should be is more important. 

Success is what happens when you accomplish what you want, not what others expect. 


Nick DeAngelis




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