Rogue Life Mission Statement

My name is Nick DeAngelis and I am an independent entrepreneur with one primary goal in mind. I want to build a brand that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship in a way no other has. My vision is to have something that cuts, motivates, and has an edgy appeal. I want it to infuse entrepreneurs of all ages with energy and connect them to one another. 

To do this I created Rogue Life, the Rogue Life logo, and it's three pillars:
1. The Power To Live Life On Your Terms
2. It's In Your DNA
3. Life However You Want To Think It

Rogue Life is here to support the creative endeavors of all entrepreneurs who dream ideas but don't know how to put them into action. It is designed to be more than a brand. It is designed to inspire by having myself and others like me have their stories heard. To influence others to take that first step forward and achieve what they dream.

I know we all hear success stories about people, products, personalities, startups, etc. However, I cannot think of a single success story whose intent from the beginning was to be a lifestyle brand that entrepreneurs display proudly while simultaneously utilizing that brands interface as a forum to cultivate and support dreams and ideas.

I personally intend to tell my story via blogging and in a published book that I have currently given the working title My RogueLife. Beyond that it is my goal to build a subscriber base and provide valuable content from successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and lifestyle architects.

I have started a GoFundMe campaign, the funds raised from this campaign will go towards the following:
1. improving the structure and function of the website
2. adding content to the website
3. purchasing podcasting and video equipment so that a Rogue Life Influencer podcast and YouTube channel can be properly created and executed
4. leveraging better product costs and lowering prices by purchasing larger quantities of branded gear and apparel
5. adding new product designs and improving existing product designs
6. advertising the concept through social media channels, influencer campaigns, email campaigns, word of mouth, etc.
7. taking the idea on the road and speaking about it in seminars and at organized events

My campaign can be viewed at this link:
I will be forever grateful to anyone who chooses to support me in this endeavor. I know that by supporting the entrepreneurial habits of others and by sharing my story, it will help make the path clearer for others. Thank you in advance for all of your help and support.

Best Regards,

Nick DeAngelis
Rogue Properties, LLC
dba RogueLife

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